Anal Sex

Anal Sex

Anal Sex

Call me weird but, I have always enjoyed anal sex. Yes, I enjoy the feeling of something in my ass whether it be on my own or having someone else do their thing. My love for anal sex started with a girls night sleepover when I was younger. My girlfriends and I talked my mother into letting us sleep downstairs where my father had his home office. He was away on business for a couple of weeks and we promised not to touch anything important. You know how curious girls are, right? Unfortunately, that promise certainly didn’t last long. As soon as we knew that my mom was asleep, we fired up his computer and big ass monitor.

Anal Sex

Lucky for us his password was our dogs name and it didn’t take long to figure that one out. My father was a tech “brainiac” but, lacked in common sense sometimes. He had a new HD monitor and we couldn’t believe how crisp and clear everything looked on screen. We kept the volume muted as we didn’t want any sound to carry upstairs and wake up my mother.  My BFF named Kate took over command of the mouse and the next thing I know she was looking through my fathers bookmarks. “What do we have her” she managed to choke out. All I can remember after that was seeing a bunch of hot chicks engaging in various types of anal sex. This particular website specialized in all things anal sex and I was immediately intrigued by women taking it up the ass.

Anal Sex

I bent over to take a closer look at all the cock, dildo’s, fingers and tongues on the screen. Before I knew it my other BFF, Yvonne had pulled my pajama pants down exposing my bare ass.  I heard that kind of “pop sickle” licking sound and soon felt a wet finger at the entrance of my virgin ass. “Do it!,” Kate dared Yvonne. That was all the encouragement needed for Yvonne to slip a finger inside of me. It felt so fucking good! Never in my life would I have imagined that I would have enjoyed anal sex, let alone crave it on a regular basis. Yvonnne removed her finger fairly quickly and I told her it was OK to try it again. Only this time, Kate spit on my ass to provide a little more lubrication for my newly fucked asshole. Yvonne worked her finger back and forth and then Kate said she wanted a shot at my ass next. Instead of spitting this time, she leaned over and circled her tongue around my anus.

Anal Sex

Words can barely describe how good that felt and then Kate shoved two fingers inside me while Yvonne watched. We were all so horny seeing that anal sex website that we craved more. None of us had a dildo or anything else like we saw on the website but, Yvonne (always the creative one) retrieved her hair brush that had a nice long rubber handle. As luck would have it, the creative use of that hair brush would have to suffice as the first ever cock in my ass. It might sound odd or perverted but, there must be some extra nerve endings in my anal cavity or something. It felt so fucking amazing! Both Kate and Yvonne pumped my ass all night long and I must confess that my first ever orgasm was accomplished by me rubbing my clit from underneath while Kate worked my ass with the hair brush. Some might say “eww” but, I said “aww!” I will never forget accepting the anal sex challenge and feeling my tight asshole clenching with the force of an anaconda around the hairbrush when I cam the first time.

Anal Sex


My Kind of Workout

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I had been a fan of watching Isabella work out in the skimpiest of health club attire. There was just something about a hot Latin piece of ass that made my pussy cream! I wasn’t the only fan as nearly every man (except the gay guys of course) oogled her as she put on a show that would make Denise Austin orJillian Michaels jealous! Now, that my youngest had gone away to college, it was all about me and enjoying life to the fullest. I was encouraged to get “back into the game” fitness-wise and this gym was both convenient to my house and offer state-of-the-art workout equipment
I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who envisioned what it would be like to strip Isabella down and run my tongue over every inch of her sultry body.  My heart and pussy throbbed at every workout “grunt” she uttered and I longed for grabbing her ass and fondling her ample breasts as she showed the elliptical machine who was boss! Her sports bra could barely contain her magazine quality tits and there was no imagine needed as she was “commando” underneath her workout shorts. As Isabella completed her workout, everyone would enjoy observing her final strut into the locker room.You could just feel all the nasty sex filled thoughts in the gym! I spent many a contemplative moment, imagining the absolute delight of helping her wash up after she finished her routine. I could just feel my pussy tingle as I pulled of her top before gently tugging her shorts down over her long legs. I longed for the day that an opportunity might present itself when I heard, “Oh Fuck My Leg Just Cramped!” I immediately ran over to Isabella and helped her into the dressing room. “Thank you honey,” she gratefully said. “I really pushed myself today and I guess I’m not getting any younger,” she smiled.

I urged her not to be so hard on herself and (selfishly) offered to massage her leg cramp. While I had children her own age I could no longer contain my sexual curiosity. I believed this was my only opportunity to explore my lesbian fantasy as wasn’t going to let it (or Isabella) slip away. Why, yes, I would appreciate a massage right now. I felt a sense of newfound confidence as I started to work out her muscle cramp. I tried not to let the contact with her leg excite me visibly but, internally, my pussy was getting wetter by the second! I worked on Isabella’s calf muscle and it didn’t take long before it started to loosen up. “Thank you so much, I feel so much better smiled Isabella!” “No worries, glad I was here to help” was all I could think to say. We then made small twhere I learned that Isabella was actually a traveling fitness and wellness instructor hired mainly by corporate types. Well actually, corporate types wives, girlfriends and sometimes both she confided. Wow, that sounds so interesting. You know, I really appreciate your help with my cramp and it would be the least I could do to provide you with a couple of free sessions. I know you’re relatively new at the club and can show you how to maximize your workout and maybe even have a little fun in the process.” No, I wouldn’t want to impose and don’t want you to think you have to repay me either. I am just doing what’s right!” Don’t be silly, I’m here to help too, Isabella reassured.” “OK, then that’s settled. When do you want your first session?” I’m free anytime between 5pm-12pm tomorrow night.” Well, that’s odd timing I thought to myself but, said, “sure, why not. How about 7pm at my place?” I live only a couple of blocks from the gym in the gated community so I will be sure and alert the attendant. “It’s a date then,” Isabella proclaimed. “Date,” I thought? My mind was racing and I nearly wrecked my new Mercedes driving home so that I could masturbate myself into oblivion. I nor my throbbing pussy could wait for tomorrow night to fucking cum!Best Milf Porn Site


Model Behavior

Hot Blonde Sexy Fashion Model

Chloe is single with natural blonde hair and stands about five feet six inches tall. She’s also the most beautiful lesbian I have ever seen.  She kept that part to herself due to her occupation and being a public figure. . .  and what a figure she had!  She’d go out with men for “appearance sake” but, it never went any farther than a hug or simple “society kiss.” Chloe shared this sexy story with me after a late night photos shoot several months ago.

It was late one afternoon after her modeling session showcasing the latest in designer handbags and fashion accessories. Chloe inquired were she might be able to go to find some female companionship?  She did not really care if they were bi or straight up lesbian. I told her about a quaint little jazz club that usually had a pretty even mix of men and women, not the typical sausage-fest bar filled with impolite drunks.

Chloe arrived at the club and proceeded to head to the left side of the bar where there was several vacant stools.  It didn’t take long for a striking brunette to return from a powder room break.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to take your seat, Chloe offered.” Don’t be silly, I was just freshening up and I guess the bartender took my drink prematurely trying to pour another one down me.  “Hey, I know you. . .  aren’t you Chloe from that fashion magazine?”  I noticed this morning on my facebook feed that you were in town for a photo shoot and publicity tour. “Yeah, that’s me, Chloe stated,” without any chance to deny it.

Well, hello then, my name is Samantha.” “You are even more beautiful in person, Chloe!” Thanks but, since you have discovered my identity, I had better leave now.  All I really wanted was to enjoy some companionship tonight as those five star hotels can get very lonely.  “I’m sorry but, I completely understand,” said Samantha.  I live close by and it you want, we can just go there to chill.  I wouldn’t dream of imposing but, if it’s cool with you, I’m game.

Chloe picked up Samantha’s tab and they departed for my subtle surrounding.  It was only a block or two and they were at Samantha’s apartment.  Well, not quite five star but, it suites me, Samantha joked. Chloe laughed and followed Samantha as the girls entered the humble abode.  Once inside, Chloe flashed several hundred dollar bills to Samantha and pleaded with her to take the money for spending time with her.  Well, I’m not a hooker and you don’t have to pay me for hanging out.  Well then, how much would you charge if I spent the night? Samantha was shocked by the sincerity of loneliness.  “To be honest I would have no clue how much to charge but, my rent is due tomorrow” Samantha half jokingly replied.

“I see,” Chloe said as she removed her heels revealing perfectly pedicured toes.  Hey, I’ve got an idea. . . How about I take photos of you now with my new iPhone?  Are you serious?  Why not, you are as hot as I am, Chloe encouraged. With that, Samantha gave a sarcastic pose and was encouraged to keep going by Chloe. “Are you loving this Samantha?” “Oh yes but, please call me Sam from now on.”  “All right Sam, I would like you to stand up and take your top off.”  OK, but, you know I’m not wearing a bra. . .” EXACTLY, Chloe exclaimed!  Why don’t you fix us something to drink while I slip into something more comfortable. Sam excused herself to the bedroom while Chloe poured two glasses of red wine.

To Chloe’s surprise, Sam returned from the bedroom wearing a Strap-on.  I knew it, Chloe said!  You had a “dirty girl” look in your eyes the first time I met you!  With that, Sam demanded that Chloe suck her Strap-on cock.  Chloe went to her knees and sicked the approximately eight inch plastic dick like a pro. Now, get it good and wet as you want it before I fuck your brains out! Sam wasted little time, flipping Chloe over in doggy-style position.  Sam lifted Chloe’s skirt and placed the head of the Strap-on at the entrance of Chloe’s panty-less pussy.  Sam eased the Strap-on in slowly and Chloe moaned in delight. Her head was buried in the couch and she was trying desperately to rub her clit with one hand. Fuck, I needed this Sam, thank you and please keep fucking me!

Sam then licked her finger and placed it inside of Chloe’s budding asshole.  Damn, your ass is so fucking tight, loosen up girl, Sam ordered.  She finally managed to get one finger almost entirely in her asshole. “No more, I can’t take it anymore, please get back to fucking my hot pussy, Chloe pleaded.  Sam teased Chloe’s pussy lips with the head and shoved it back inside per her request.  Please don’t stop, “I am going to cum.” Chloe begged.  With that, Sam plunged the Strap-on as far as she could and with each stroke drew Chloe closer to orgasm until she finally erupted with a “Climax Squeal” that nearly woke the neighbors!

Thank you so much Sam, how can I ever repay you? “By eating my pussy now!” Sam didn’t need to ask twice as Chloe had her Strap-on removed in millisecond and then rammed her tongue deep into Claire’s pussy.  It had been awhile since Chloe had tasted a woman and she wanted this to last but, Sam was way too horny to be teased.  “Please lick me like you mean it,” Sam coached! Lick my pussy from bottom to top until I tell you to stop.  Chloe did as instructed and enjoyed the increasing juices from Sam’s pussy. Chloe then slid one then two fingers inside her wetness before placing her lips firmly around her engorged clit.  Chloe sucked and flicked Sam’s clit with expert precision and knew she had better not tease the best thing she had tasted in ages.

Don’t you dare fucking stop, Sam screamed while holding Chloe’s head close. . . “Holy Fuck, I’m cumming!”  Sam then released a cum that might be best described as a near squirt. . .  her juices literally covered Chloe’s magazine cover face. The two didn’t say a word immediately afterwards, simply sharing passionate kiss of mutual thanks.  On the way to shower together, Chloe playfully asked Sam if she wanted to be her “private assistant with benefits?”  Sam tilted her head and teasingly added, “I believe I can arrange that!”

Hot Sauna

My name is Stacy and I’m nineteen years old.  I’m a double major in college, law and psychology. I am told on a regular basis that I am a “Hottie” and never tire of hearing that! Actually, I ‘m a well built 5’8″ with mid-length brown hair and piercing deep hazel green eyes.  My roommate Stephanie (Steph) just turned twenty and is on the pre-med track.  Steph is almost identical height and weight with flowing (longer than mine) red hair and smallish breasts.  Steph and I had always joked about experimenting with girl on girl action when we got bored or frustrated with lack of social activity due to our class workload. One thing for certain, if I ever experimented with another female it would be Steph. . .  we have become such close friends.

For over a year Steph and I shared each others life, the highs, the lows.  While we didn’t have much of a social life out of respect for our education, we did manage to enjoy working out together.  Steph and I headed to the health club nearly every Saturday morning and especially enjoyed spinning class. I was at the health club like any other Saturday morning. Steph and I finished our cardio workout and it was time to head to the sauna to unwind and soothe our muscles. Strangely there was not anyone else in the club that morning. I guess everyone was partying ahead of the big SEC football game being held on campus.

I told Steph, “Well, it looks like we’ve got the place to ourselves” in a slightly sexy tone.  Now, I’m really going to relax! With that, I threw off my towel and started rubbing my tits. My back slid slightly down the sauna wall and I gently spread my legs wide wide open before rubbing my clit with my thumb and sliding two fingers into my wet pussy.  Shocked, Steph manages to say, “What the Fuck Stacy, Are You Trying To Get Us Kicked Outta Here?”  I told her to chill out and enjoy the show, or better yet, join me in the best muscle workout ever!

Steph just grinned and threw her towel to the side and started to mimic my masturbatory lead.  It wasn’t long before we both thankfully neared orgasm as our bodies were getting as hot as our pussies in all the sauna steam.  I heard Steph moan and told her to “Do It, Cum for Me!”  With that she let out a little shriek alerting me to her climax and I knew I better finish myself off before I passed out from the heat.  Steph leaned over and gently inserted a finger into my pussy while I rubbed my clit for all it was worth.  Steph’s finger was all I needed to push me over the edge and I cam quickly.  My throbbing pussy releasing a different kind of moisture that combined with the smell of eucalyptus for pure blissful harmony.

Steph gave me kiss before removing her (pre-med) finger and giving me a quick taste of my own juices. She then took my hand as we departed the sauna.  We cooled off in the shower and then headed back to our place not saying a word about what had just happened.  Deep down in my mind (and pussy) I knew that was only the beginning to our story. . .

Traveling Alone and Escort Services

Porn Blog Escort Model

In addition to really being an extremely dynamic professional lifestyle, travel may also be a solitary life. Flying “here and there” alone is absolutely no pleasure. You travel worldwide and need a release. Never fear, a simple, surefire method of solving this predicament is only a few calls or clicks away. Welcome to the wonderful world of escorts!

Overall, most escort services are truly committed in the purpose of giving gratification and enjoyment to the client who has special entertainment and sexual needs. With escort agencies sprouting up like mushrooms in big cities, booking top quality escorts may or may not be easy. There are many way to secure an escort for your desired function but, it is always advisable to perform due diligence to ensure discretion and professionalism. You don’t want your career ruined by loose lips or an unexpected “sting operation!”

Tourism plays a fairly substantial part in almost any state or country. A destination without tourism will probably be more challenging as it relates to finding a top notch” escort services. It is always best to check references and or forums that specialize in adult entertainment. However don’t take our word for it; ask around for yourself to fact check. Even tipping the concierge for some “local knowledge” is better than ending up in the slammer! You will shortly learn that commitment to discretion ranges from top secret to “No Tell Motel” type encounters.

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Gentlemen like yourself, deserve the best and should expect timely and prompt delivery of services You’ve grown tired of hotel masturbation and have needs requiring companionship of an escort. These “needs” are normal and should be satisfied on your own terms and specifications.

Nearly all escorts stay ready to please. They know the importance of doing a good job and retaining customers and word of mouth ways to increase their business. Every woman (or man if you looking for a gay hookup) will do everything within their capability to give customers the absolute best time possible. Go online and choose for through the extensive option featured in various websites. Contact your chosen escort and schedule a mutually agreeable time and place to begin your much needed release from corporate life.

When you’ve found your perfect escort in real life, you possess the ability to see first hand that the photos were REAL! Do not, for one second always assume the photos provided will be who shows up at your door. You should always “opt out” if she’s (or he, if that’s your thing) is not the totally hot, irresistibly appealing person you planned on paying for sexual services, etc. Chosen correctly, and they will be an escort that is worth every penny or pound! Once you have chosen your favorite escort, start preparing for an night in or out on the town. Decide if you want a realistic “date,” experience or proceed straight to the bedroom for a “fucking of a lifetime?” Keep in mind, your preferred escort may be less than an hour away from your rendezvous spot, so it’s better to plan appropriately as you will be on the clock and her (or his) time is valuable just like yours.

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We guarantee you that her cost for service provided will be less than spending time on the bar/dating scene and investing money just for the possibility of “getting laid.” Most escort services keep their standards extremely high. You get exactly what you pay for as they don’t want to run the risk of losing future business. In fact, most will go “above and beyond” and you will get truly excellent “customer service” for the cost. After all, most escorts have rates reflective of geography and quality/looks of the individual. These rates that are usually affordable and somewhat negotiable in person. Once again, “IN PERSON!” Do not try and negotiate for the “little extra” with the agency upfront. They will take a cut from the escorts time and “going rate” for sure.

Traveling usually gives that special delight to someone. You’re on your own and there’s definitely nobody who is able to prevent you from fulfilling your wildest sexual desires and fantasies. You are your own guy, you’re not dependent, especially while traveling away from home. Is it not only amazing to truly have a fantastic woman do anything you please? Do not deny yourself the opportunity to explore. When you’ve had the sex-filled escapade of a lifetime and realized your wildest fantasy(ies) your escort leaves for home or her next client. You are free to do whatever pleases you next. Perhaps, even call another escort or two !Zero drama or emotions that come into play when you pick up some random chick in a bar or nightclub.

Information supplied by this blog is a general reference to the professional wishing to explore the world of escorts and is not intended to cover every possible scenario. Go for it and please practice safe sex along the way!

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Challenging porn

Hot Sexy Business Woman Challenging Porn
Gloria had spent the better part of the morning getting ready for her deposition.  She tried on at least three outfits before settling on an extremely short mini-skirt and some crotch-less see through panties. The soft touch of silk met with approval from her shaved pussy. . .  it caressed her with each movement and she adored the feeling against her womanhood.  Her top was free-flowing as well as low-cut constantly feeling short nipple glances across her bra-less breasts.  This carefree sensation swept across Gloria’s body and begin to engorge her large aureoles which caused her nipples to harden quite noticeably to the eye.
Over this upscale slutty attire, she put on a business suit top. Quite appropriate for her upper body but, quite suggestive regarding her lower dress and skirt that forced her to tug back down at nearly every move.  The skirt barely covered her stockings and crept up revealing the distance of skin between her panties.  Her outfit revealed a slutty business woman type many men fantasize about while masturbating. The finishing touch to her plan was to accessorize herself with black leather “dirty girl” high heels.
Gloria looked in the mirror at herself and immediately realized how hot she looked and how naughty she felt.  How her nipples were ever sensitive from the smooth silk of the blouse, her panties causing her pussy to moisten with nearly every step from what one could barely call panties.
Her limo arrived and after a short drive where the chauffeur received a “visual tip” at every stop light by enjoying the rear mirror view.  Gloria could have easily closed her legs or held her favorite Laura Lee Designs  handbag over her private area but, that was no challenge.  The chauffeur gladly opened her door taking one last opportunity of stealing a look at her nearly naked pussy.  She then entered Trump building and rode the elevator by herself taking one last look at herself in the polished stainless doors. Upon reaching the 42nd Floor Gloria departed the elevator and walked into the reception area readying herself for the deposition.
The receptionist escorted her into the conference room and offered a bottle of water while she waited. She patiently sat for at least twenty minutes with the door closed.  Then without notice, the door opened. Two well dressed attorney’s and an attractive paralegal barely out of college approached.  The opposing attorney motioned Gloria to stay seated at the expansive glass conference table.
It’s “Showtime Baby,” she thought to herself.  Now, the plan would begin.  As Gloria sat intently listening to every question, she occasionally adjusted herself letting her skirt slip upwards from the leather seat. The opposing attorney tried to act like he was unaware of the show being staged. Even the paralegal was becoming distracted as she had to revise a couple of sentences while she was “mentally caught” looking at Gloria’s pussy and heaving breasts.  Gloria could feel her wetness increasing as she was being turned on by all the attention, whether admitted or not. 
Midway through the deposition, Gloria complained of the temperature being hot enough to bake a pizza, then removed her business jacket.  This deliberate move increased the temperature of everyone in the room as it was now clear that her tits were only covered by a sheer silk blouse.  Gloria’s erect nipples were erect and the smell of sex permeated the air. . .  but, not one person in the room would acknowledge this fact.
Gloria’s move proved to expedite the deposition as the questions came quicker until they reached the end of the interview two hours ahead of schedule.  All of this mental foreplay had Gloria wanting to touch herself to relieve her now built up sexual tension.  She knew if she even made contact with her clit, she would explode into a much needed orgasm.  Gloria then smoothed down her skirt and got up from her seat, revealing a slight touch of moist pussy that was left on the leather chair.  She then shook opposing counsels hands thanking them for their professionalism.
“Well, that is the most effective deposition I have seen in all my years of practice!”  However, Gloria’s attorney confessed that he had never witnessed such unprofessional behavior during an interview.  He informed Gloria that his administrative assistant had a bill for his retainer fee and services rendered. Gloria followed her attorney into the elevator and had his cock in her mouth shortly after he hit the button to descend 24 floors.  Gloria looked up at her attorney and stated that she was going to pay her retainer fee on the way down and then fuck his brains out on his desk for the remainder of the bill. . .  your administrative assistant can join if she wants!

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