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Hot Sexy Business Woman Challenging Porn
Gloria had spent the better part of the morning getting ready for her deposition.  She tried on at least three outfits before settling on an extremely short mini-skirt and some crotch-less see through panties. The soft touch of silk met with approval from her shaved pussy. . .  it caressed her with each movement and she adored the feeling against her womanhood.  Her top was free-flowing as well as low-cut constantly feeling short nipple glances across her bra-less breasts.  This carefree sensation swept across Gloria’s body and begin to engorge her large aureoles which caused her nipples to harden quite noticeably to the eye.
Over this upscale slutty attire, she put on a business suit top. Quite appropriate for her upper body but, quite suggestive regarding her lower dress and skirt that forced her to tug back down at nearly every move.  The skirt barely covered her stockings and crept up revealing the distance of skin between her panties.  Her outfit revealed a slutty business woman type many men fantasize about while masturbating. The finishing touch to her plan was to accessorize herself with black leather “dirty girl” high heels.
Gloria looked in the mirror at herself and immediately realized how hot she looked and how naughty she felt.  How her nipples were ever sensitive from the smooth silk of the blouse, her panties causing her pussy to moisten with nearly every step from what one could barely call panties.
Her limo arrived and after a short drive where the chauffeur received a “visual tip” at every stop light by enjoying the rear mirror view.  Gloria could have easily closed her legs or held her favorite Laura Lee Designs  handbag over her private area but, that was no challenge.  The chauffeur gladly opened her door taking one last opportunity of stealing a look at her nearly naked pussy.  She then entered Trump building and rode the elevator by herself taking one last look at herself in the polished stainless doors. Upon reaching the 42nd Floor Gloria departed the elevator and walked into the reception area readying herself for the deposition.
The receptionist escorted her into the conference room and offered a bottle of water while she waited. She patiently sat for at least twenty minutes with the door closed.  Then without notice, the door opened. Two well dressed attorney’s and an attractive paralegal barely out of college approached.  The opposing attorney motioned Gloria to stay seated at the expansive glass conference table.
It’s “Showtime Baby,” she thought to herself.  Now, the plan would begin.  As Gloria sat intently listening to every question, she occasionally adjusted herself letting her skirt slip upwards from the leather seat. The opposing attorney tried to act like he was unaware of the show being staged. Even the paralegal was becoming distracted as she had to revise a couple of sentences while she was “mentally caught” looking at Gloria’s pussy and heaving breasts.  Gloria could feel her wetness increasing as she was being turned on by all the attention, whether admitted or not. 
Midway through the deposition, Gloria complained of the temperature being hot enough to bake a pizza, then removed her business jacket.  This deliberate move increased the temperature of everyone in the room as it was now clear that her tits were only covered by a sheer silk blouse.  Gloria’s erect nipples were erect and the smell of sex permeated the air. . .  but, not one person in the room would acknowledge this fact.
Gloria’s move proved to expedite the deposition as the questions came quicker until they reached the end of the interview two hours ahead of schedule.  All of this mental foreplay had Gloria wanting to touch herself to relieve her now built up sexual tension.  She knew if she even made contact with her clit, she would explode into a much needed orgasm.  Gloria then smoothed down her skirt and got up from her seat, revealing a slight touch of moist pussy that was left on the leather chair.  She then shook opposing counsels hands thanking them for their professionalism.
“Well, that is the most effective deposition I have seen in all my years of practice!”  However, Gloria’s attorney confessed that he had never witnessed such unprofessional behavior during an interview.  He informed Gloria that his administrative assistant had a bill for his retainer fee and services rendered. Gloria followed her attorney into the elevator and had his cock in her mouth shortly after he hit the button to descend 24 floors.  Gloria looked up at her attorney and stated that she was going to pay her retainer fee on the way down and then fuck his brains out on his desk for the remainder of the bill. . .  your administrative assistant can join if she wants!

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